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Adams and Cohen

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Shirley Lloyd Adams- Age 11

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Shirley, Mischa's older sister, moved to Star Valley in Dec. 2008. Shirley's mom named her after Shirley Temple, for her curly honey-blond locks and Shirley has grown up loving Shirley Temple movies, too. She thinks it would be fun to be in a movie like that and wants to learn tap-dancing. Shirley also enjoys gymnastics; she loves coming up with routines, especially on the balance beam. Shirley skates and plays hockey for fun. Her favorite colors are blue-violet and aqua green. She also loves penguins, lions, baking and making memories.

Mischa Renee Jennifer Adams- age 9

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Mischa moved to Star Valley in May 2008, after spending a couple of weeks in Pleasantburg, getting to know a few of the girls. Before the move, she lived in Larchmont, NY. Mischa is friendly and tends to be a bit shy and quiet. She has a passion for both figure skating and ice hockey. She also loves playing softball and going to baseball games. Mischa loves learning new things both in and out of school. She is a sensitive soul, like her friend, Susie, and cries easily when frustrated or stressed. Mischa is learning that her toughest competition is usually herself.

Gabriella Starlight Cohen-Age 10

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Gabby is a girl full of faith and love. She's an outgoing girl who loves playing softball for her school and cheerleading during the rest of the school year. She also loves painting, watching movies, sky blue, yellow, spring green, navy, gold, and bunnies. Gabby's favorite holiday is Hanukkah (she was born on one of the nights); she loves the lights from the candles on the Menorah and spending time with those who lover her is her favorite thing in the world.

Adams and Cohen photos

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