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Easy Costume Ears

Is your doll looking for a last-minute quick and easy costume idea? Here is a video tutorial on how to make no-sew costume ears that doesn't require a headband.

You Will Need:
*Pen or pencil and some paper.
*Glue dots
*Bobby pins

Step 1: Make a template for you costume ears with the pen/pencil and paper. Cut out the template.

Step 2: Use the template to cut out two ears from the felt, making sure to cut on the fold (the bottom of the template will be along the fold).

Step 3: After the ears have been cut out, attach a glue dot to the inside of each ear, toward the top. Then fold to close the ear. Repeat for the second ear. *Note for longer ears, you may need to use two glue dots per ear.

Step 4: Stick a bobby pin through the bottom of each ear and attach them to your doll's hair.

Now your doll has ears to wear for Halloween and/or to a costume party!

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