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Here is where I will put up different crafts that you can make for your dolls/stuffed animals (or your friends' or family members' dolls/stuffed animals). You can even pretend your doll is making the craft herself. Enjoy!

Crafts For Your Dolls
~Easy Costume Ears
~Peanut Butter Blossoms
~Christmas Coal
~Glitter Felt Ornaments
~Wrapping Paper Rolls
~Saint Lucia Buns
~Shirley's Ghost Sugar Cookies
~Ice Cream Sandwiches
~Snowflake Headband
~Gingerbread Cookies
~Star Wand
~Candy Canes
~Christmas Stocking
~Mittens Ornament
~Candy Corn
~Valentines Felt Purse
~Doll Fudge
~Poodle Skirt
~Susie's Stationery
~Hallie's Candy Ghosts

Crafts Inspired By the Characters
~Glitter Pinecone Ornaments (Samantha)
~Spice Scented Pinecones (Samantha)
~Walnut Ornaments (Kit/Molly)

Doll Patterns
~Ruffle Skirt

*Some crafts may ask for adult supervision, should you need it and/or may create very small pieces; please use proper caution.

Do you have a doll craft you'd like to see on this page? Just email me your craft idea and directions, along with photos to illustrate (if you don't have photos, I can try out the craft and snap some pictures if you'd like). You can also submit ideas of what you'd like to see and I'll try to make it and post it here.

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