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Gingerbread Cookies


Your doll will love to "bake" up a batch of these sculpey gingerbread cookies!

*What You Need*
*Brown and White (or another color) Sculpey or Fimo (I used a hazelnut brown)
*Mini cookie cutters
*plastic or butter knife
*Rolling pin
*Wax paper to cover your work surface
*Cookie sheet
*Adult supervision/help


Step 1: Take some of the brown sculpey and knead it for a few minutes. Roll it into a ball, then use the rolling pin to flatten the brown sculpey, on some wax paper, until it is about 1/8" thick.


Step 2: Use the mini cookie cutters to cut shapes out of the brown sculpey "dough."

Step 3: Take a little bit of the white sculpey, knead it and roll it into a long, thin strip.

Step 4: Use the butter knife to trim the white strip into the desired lengths to "ice" each cookie. You can make stripes, dots, etc. on each cookie. Press the white sculpey onto the brown sculpey.

Step 5: Have an adult help you bake the sculpy cookies according to the package directions (sculpey is usually 275 degrees F for 15 min.). Let cool.

Your dolls and stuffed animals can enjoy some delicious gingerbread cookies. Have your doll make some up for a holiday party, a bake sale or to leave out for Santa, on Christmas Eve.

*Alternate tip: Instead of using white sculpey to "ice" the cookies, you can also bake the brown sculpey cookies and then use 3D paint to ice them, after they've cooled. Let the paint dry.

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