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Hey everyone! This is Jessica here! I have taken over this website, muahahahahahahaaaaaaa!!!! Okay, actually Melissa just let me have a page for my webshow, The Jessica McConnell Show! It's on Youtube and you can also view the latest episode right here :)

To make my show more interactive, I want YOUR input! What kinds of things would you like to see on a future episode!
~Is there anyone in Star Valley you think I should interview?
~Would you like to see some blog-type episodes?
~An episode on location in SV, somewhere?
~More whacky commercials?
~If you could interview me (or one of the others), what would you ask?

Send in your suggestions and you might see them on a future episode of The Jessica McConnell Show!

View The Latest Episode

Past Episodes

Episode 18-August 3rd, 2015
Episode 17-Sept. 22nd, 2014
Episode 16-April 2014
Episode 15-March 2014
Episode 14-June 2013
Episode 13-Aug. 2012
Episode 12-Jan. 2012
Episode 11-Aug. 2011
Episode 10, Part 2-December 2010
Episode 10, Part 1-December 2010
Episode 9-Aug. 2010
Episode 8-Aug. 2010
Episode 7-June 2010
Episode 6-April 2010
Episode 5-March 2010
Episode 4-January 2010
Episode 3-November 2009
Episode 2, Part 2-December 2008
Episode 2, Part 1-December 2008
Episode 1: Whacky Commercials-November 2008

Jessica's Question of the Moment

Answer to "In what month was I bought, in 2006?": March.
Answer to "What is my favorit color?": Hot Pink! (Followed closely by neon orange and lime green).
Answer to "what is my favorite toysie?": Toshi!

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