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Susie Mae Kent- age 11

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Susie is in the fifth grade at Star Valley Elementary. Susie's favorite subjects in school are Music, Reading and Language Arts; her least favorite classes are math and gym. She's an average student and sometimes forgets to do her homework. Susie is sometimes intimidated by her teachers and other adults in the town. She is shy and quiet, usually afraid of what others think of her.

Susie loves acting and singing and is in both drama club and choir. Susie hopes to one day be in a band and she dreams of someday being a writer, actress or singer. She not only loves writing stories and poems, she likes to write letters and notes to her friends, too. Susie loves all of the Star Valley events and playing dolls with her friends. She also loves playing with her cat, Pounce, and making crafts. Susie's motto is "Just keep trying."

Kaya Aiyana Atonmy- age 9

 photo kayaavvie12.jpg

Kaya loves riding horses and making crafts. She is a natural-born leader. She is also down to earth and reasonable, often keeping her friends grounded. Kaya loves dancing in pow-wows; she also loves playing video games (especially Sonic the Hedgehog)! Kaya is in the fourth grade and is an active part of the drama club and the cheerleading squad.

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Susie: Susie was my second AG and my first "today" doll. She was also the first AG I got after almost eight years. She was a Christmas present from my dad, even though at first I was hesitant to ask him for a doll, as an adult. I'm so glad I did though. Within the first two weeks I had her, I wrote Susie's school story (not related to Star Valley). Also, Susie is loosely based after me. We look nothing alike but our personalities are similar.

Kaya: Kaya was my fourth AG and I bought her in Feb. 2006. The funny thing was, when I first saw catalog photos of her when she was new, I didn't like her and didn't want her at all. Then I saw photos of her owned by people on some AG mesageboards and I fell in love; I saw her true beauty! I guess that goes to show that the catalog pictures don't always do these dolls justice. Kaya loves nature and she loves pow-wows and the color green.

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