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Greta Agnes Larson

 photo mrslarsonbio10.png

Greta is a Swedish pioneer who moved with her family to her brother-in-law's farm on the Minnesota frontier, for a few years, before coming to Star Valley. Greta is a determined woman who never loses heart. She enjoys knitting, sewing clothes, quilts and other items for her family, and being useful. Greta prides herself in keeping a well-run household. She likes listening to fiddle music, dancing and mixing old Swedish traditions with new American ones.

Kirsten Mary Larson- Age 9

 photo kirstenbio14.jpg

Kirsten loves learning about different cultures and teaching her friends about Sweden. She takes ballet and she's loud and she's proud-a great addition to the cheerleading sqad! Kirsten loves pink, cats, horses, making friends and having fun! Don't let this bright-eyed beauty fool you though, she can be quite demanding and stubborn-but she loves taking care of her little brother in their one-room cabin.

Peter Filip Larson- Age 5

 photo peteravvie13.jpg

Peter goes to kindergarten with his best friend, Tyler Halliwell, at Star Valley Elementary School. Peter enjoys fishing and his favorite color is blue.

Anna Ingrid Larson- Age8

 photo annabio10.png

Anna is Kirsten and Peter's fun-loving cousin. She moved to Star Valley, from Minnesota, in December 2009. Like Kirsten, Anna's favorite color is pink. She loves going to school to learn new things. Anna often wakes up early in the morning to help out with chores around the cabin. She tries to find something fun about each chore and she's always willing to help her family and friends however she can. In her spare time, Anna loves to climb trees, play dolls, play school, attend get-togethers such as dances, and learn more about her Swedish heritage.

Jessica Akiko McConnell- Age 10

 photo jessavvie14.jpg

Jessica (Jess for short) moved in with the Larsons in December 2006 when she showed up knocking on their doorstep. Jess had just gotten back from Belize when her parents informed her that they were sending her away to a boarding school. Jess didn't like this, so she packed her suitcase and her shoulder bag, attached her green plush monkey, Toshi, around her neck and headed for the Larson's cabin with the birthday money she had saved over the years. Jess chose the Larsons because Kirsten was her pen pal and she felt she had to get far away from her parents. Jess's favorite colors are orange, lime/neon green and hot pink and she loves butterflies. She plays the guitar, just like her dad. Jess likes trying new things and going on adventures. She's very brave and talkative. Sometimes Jess can be whiny (she and Kirsten are alike in many ways) but she tries to be good most of the time and has proven to be a big help to her friends and around the cabin, offering to do some chores like washing dishes. (*note to anyone who reads this-please don't run away from your parents like Jess did).

Hortensia Marie Lewis- Age 13

 photo hortensiabio14.jpg

Hortensia is an 1840's New England girl who has always grown up in a small town. While part of Hortensia yearns to become a proper young lady, a bigger part of her still likes being a kid. She is not very good at cooking although she tries to learn. Hortensia's favorite colors are sage green and turquoise blue. Although Hortensia tries to be good, she has a knack for getting herself into trouble-like when she accidentally hits a neighbor with a snowball!

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About the Dolls

Kirsten: Kirsten was my third American Girl doll and has always been my second favorite of the historical characters. I bought her with workstudy money in January 2006, after I realized that I wanted a doll with me on campus. Outside of Star Valley, Kirsten still likes to be whiney. She and Jess are very alike in some ways. From May 2007-August 2007, Kirsten got to become a traeling doll and she visited CO, VA, IL and WA with a trip to CA!

Jess: Even though Jess was technically purchassed in March 2006, I couldn't actually play with her until Christmas 2006 since she was a present from my mom! I love her very much and she is my first Girl of the Year AG. Jess also likes to complain but she's a wild child who loves camping and going on adventures!

Peter: How could Kirsten not be with her little brother? After seeing the cuddly sisters and brothers on Our Dolls and also some posted by members of American Girl Playthings Messageboard, I checked out the My Twinn website and saw Cuddly Brother Michael. Instantly I knew his name was actually Peter Larson and he was Kirsten's little brother.

Anna: I got Anna for Christmas 2009, from my dad. She's a Ty Classic Saphisto Cat and is oh-so cute. I really like the kitties from ourdolls.net and love the stuffed animals I have in Star Valley, so I wanted to add another. I thought it would be cute to have Kirsten's little cousin in Star Valley, too and when I saw the Saphisto cat, I new she'd make a cute Anna Larson. She's such a fun, cheerful character in the books and I knew Anna and Rilla would become best friends.

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