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The Merriman Household Bad Book

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In 2014, Martha Merriman decided to start a Bad Book for the children in her home. She had gotten the idea from the Montoya family of Pleasantville (ourdolls.weebly.com). The Bad Book is a notebook where she writes down who has misbehaved and what they did. In December of each year, she counts up who was bad the most times and that child receives coal instead of candy, in her stocking at Christmastime.

Here is a look at the Bad Book throughout the years (entries at the beginning of a year will be at the bottom and entries later in a year will be at the top).


Josefina: dropped a flower pot on the floor and forgot to clean up the dirt.

Nanette: forgot to feed the sheep and horses.

Nanette: complained about slow service at the Lions' Pride Pub.

Felicity: forgot to work on her penmanship all summer.

Felicity: spent and entire week reciting nothing but David Bowie lyrics.

Felicity: refused to mend clothes when asked to do them.

Megan: was boastful about her report card.

Josefina: forgot to wash the dishes when it was her turn.


Nanette: told Felicity that she would coals this year.

Nanette: gloated over her penmanship.

Josefina: forgot to feed the animals.

Megan: left all the lights on after she left for school.

Felicity: forgot to do her homework.

Nanette: ate two empanaditas in one night, instead of one.

Felicity: had to be told twice to do her chores.

Nanette: forgot to rake the leaves.

Felicity: told her aunt that her room was clean when it clearly was not.


Felicity: complained that it took too long to finally decorate the Christmas Tree.

Felicity: complained that she was too tired to help put up the Christmas Tree.

Megan: and Felicity got into an argument over who should play the lead in the Nativity.

Megan: told Felicity she didn't think she should be the lead in the Nativity

Felicity: forgot to study her lines for the Nativity play.

Megan: gloated over her report card.

Josefina: forgot to feed the sheep.

Felicity: rode Penny when her aunt told her "not now."

Felicity: refused to help Josefina clean their room.

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