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Chores: Mending Basket

As the dolls go throughout their days, they may need to take some time to mend old clothes, blankets and other items around their house that might be starting to wear or rip.

Have your doll designate a basket in her home for mending clothes and other items. The basket is best kept near other sewing projects and supplies. As part of your doll's chores, she should take some time to mend any items in the basket. This is a perfect chore for a rainy day.

 photo merrimanmendingbasket01sm.jpg

*Note: If you don't have real doll items that need mending, just grab some fabric scraps or outfits and pretend that your doll is mending them (do not actually sew the outfits). If you have doll items that really need to be mended, please be sure to ask a parent/guardian and have them help you, before attempting to really mend them.

 photo merrimanmendingbasket02sm.jpg

Once your doll has finished going through the mending pile, she will feel accomplished with finishing this chore and knowing that items will be able to be used once again. "Use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without." ~Boyd K. Packer.

 photo merrimanmendingbasket03sm.jpg

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