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The Merrimans

Martha Amy Merriman

 photo martha14.jpg

Martha Merriman is Felicity, Nanette and Megan's aunt. She takes care of the girls as well as a friend's daughter, Josefina. Martha is also a teacher at Star Valley Elementary and co-owns the Raspberry Flummery Cafe with Cornelia Edwards; she's one of the best cooks in town. On her days off, she she loves to read, work on crossword puzzles and visit with her friends.

Megan Rianna Ryder-age 11

 photo meganavvie11.png

Megan is a 5th grader at Star Valley Elementary school. She loves the color yellow and she loves cats. Megan lives with her Aunt Martha, her cousins, Felicity and Nan Merriman, and Josefina Montoya. She loves dressing up and going on adventures. Megan is on the girl's school basketball team and is in ballet and Girl Scouts; in her free time she loves to read, write and go swimming.

Felicity Ann Merriman-Age 10

 photo felicitybio09.png

Felicity loves horses and being free. She does not like "sitting down kinds of things" and would rather spend the days outside or helping at the cafe. Lissie takes lessons on how to be a proper gentlewoman which helps her get back to her colonial roots. She does not fully live a colonial life, however, and takes dance classes with some of her friends and cherishes her toys. In her free time, she loves taking care of her two horses, Penny and Patriot, and her lamb, Fleece; Felicity feels like she could ride her beloved Penny all day! She is a bit of a daydreamer and has been known to doodle horses all over her schoolwork. Felicity enjoys picking berries in the summer and apples in the Fall. While she likes eating apple butter, she is not fond of having to sit in a hot kitchen to cook it however, and would much rather pick all of the apples while someone else does the cooking.

Nanette Emily Merriman-age 7

 photo nanettebio15.jpg

Nanette, or Nan as her family and friends call her, is a sweet, sensible, well-mannered young lady. Nan yearns to be a proper gentlewoman when she grows up. Unlike her older sister, Felicity, Nan enjoys "sitting-down" kinds of activities such as sewing, learning penmanship and learning how to be a gracious hostess. Nan loves dancing and tending to her lamb, Lily, as well as the Merrimans' other pets.

In her free time, Nan enjoys reading, learning to bake, making apple butter and going for walks. She loves to play with her friends, write letters and visit her friends.

Maria Josefina Montoya-Age 9

 photo josefinabio14.jpg

Josefina came to live with the Merrimans in Star Valley on Christmas 2007. Josefina is a shy girl who loves animals of all kinds. She loves red, blue and yellow and enjoys weaving blankets, like those in New Mexico. She came from 1824 Mexico, near Santa Fe. In her spare time, Josefina likes to play dolls either alone or with her friends, cook, tend the garden and take walks around the town and visit the nice residents. Sometimes when Josefina just needs to be alone (as shy, senstive girls sometimes need to be) she goes to this little meadow beyond the woods and sits on a boulder, taking in the sights and sounds around her and thinking out what might be bothering her.

Merriman photos

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About the Dolls

Felicity: Felicity is my first AG doll. I had just gotten into AG in 1996 and by summer or fall 1997 I knew I wanted one of my own. Well, I didn't know who to pick. I had only read Kirsten's, Samantha's and Molly's books but I was torn between Felicity and Kirsten. My mom suggested I get Felicity because she's my historical lookalike. So I used my Christmas and birthday money to buy my beautiful Felicity doll. She's my favorite and definitely gets spoiled quite a bit! She loves the color blue and loves being read to and watching and acting in movies.

Megan: I got into Magic Attic Club dolls in fall 2006, after hearing about them a little bit. So, I decided to look into them some more, found out about the line's unfortunate history and found a website that was selling some older stock of the dolls. So I bought Megan. She's my second MAC and I decided she would be Felicity's cousin. I'm so glad I got into MAC as these dolls are so pretty.

Martha Amy (aka Aunt Martha): I've had Martha Amy for a long time-ever since I can remember. She is a Cornsilk Kid Cabbage Patch Kid and one of my favorite dolls. And a fun fact is she shares a birthday with my brother :)

Josefina: Josefina is my 7th AG doll. My dad got her for me for Christmas 2007 and she is so beautiful! Originally when Josefina was released, I didn't really care for her but in recent years she grew on me so much that she had to join my collection. Josefina is a shy, sensitive, sweet girl, much like Susie. Josefina loves animals and weaving, things that she grew up with in 1824 Mexico.

Nanette: Nanette started out as a My Twinn Cuddly Sister Emily that I won from Ebay in Spring 2015. I had been wanting Nan for years and always wanted my Nan to be a My Twinn Cuddly with the closed mouth mold-Emily was perfect for her. I rewigged her with an auburn wig and renamed her Nanette "Nan" Emily Merriman. Nan is pretty canon, personality-wise. Felicity is happy to have her little sister living with her.

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