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Snowflake Headband


You can make a pretty snowflake headband that your doll can wear during the holidays or as part of a Halloween costume.

*What You Need*
*Five white or iridescent chenelle stems/craft pipe cleaners
*Five snowflake confetti pieces approx. 3/4"-1 1/2" wide
*Needle and thread
*Adult supervision/help if needed

Step 1: Start by twisting two pipe cleaners together. Add one more at a time, until all five are twisted together to make one large pipe cleaner. With adult help, carefully cut the ends to make them even, then fold them a bit.


Step 2: With the needle, carefully (with adult help) poke two holes in the center of each snowflake, a little less than 1/8" apart.

Step 3: Thread the needle and make a big knot in one end. With one of your snowflakes, carefully bring the needle up through one hole, on one side of the headband. Bring the needle under the headband and back through the other hole (similar to sewing on a two-hole button). Do this four or five times, for each snowflake. Then tie off the thread, on the underside of the headband. Trim ends.

Step 4: Once all of the snowflakes are sewn on, the headband is done! To place the headband in your doll's hair, you can either:
1) Stick the ends into a hairstyle (like pigtails).
2) Hook a hair elastic on one end of the headband and bend the end, bring the elastic under the back of the head and hook the elastic to the other side (bending the end). (Tip: before you put the headband on, brush your doll's hair into a ponytail to keep it looking nice).
3)Place a stretchy hair elastic on your doll's head, like a headband. Then place the snowflake headband on top, sticking the ends under the elastic.


**You can also make variations using less pipe cleaners, sliding on pony beads and/or tying on ribbon for little bows or stripes. Have fun giving your doll some new headbands.

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