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Saint Lucia Buns

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Every year on December 13th, Kirsten gets up very early, before the sun rises. She brews a pot of coffee and begins to bake a batch of warm, delicious Saint Lucia Buns. When the buns and the coffee are done, Kirsten dresses into a white gown, red sash and glowing crown of leaves. Carrying the tray of Saint Lucia Buns and coffee, Kirsten wakes up her family as she sings the Saint Lucia Processional.

Learn how to make Saint Lucia Buns for your dolls and stuffed animals!

What You Need
*Tan Sculpey
*Dark Brown Sculpey
*Wax Paper and Cookie Sheet
*Adult Supervision

Step 1: Take a bit of tan sculpey and divide it in two. Roll each piece into a log about 2.5 inch long.

 photo stluciabuns_01.jpg

Step 2: Cross one log over the other, in the middle so that it forms an "X".

 photo stluciabuns_02.jpg

Step 3: Coil each end in a clockwise position, as shown.

 photo stluciabuns_03.jpg

Step 4: Take a tiny piece of the dark brown sculpey and roll it into a ball. Gently push the ball into one the coils that you have just made. Do the same for the rest of the coils.

 photo stluciabuns_05.jpg

 photo stluciabuns_04.jpg

Step 5: Repeat steps 1-4 to make more Saint Lucia buns. When you have made how many you want, put them on a cookie sheet (optional, lay a piece of wax paper or parchement paper on the cookie sheet and put the buns on the wax paper). Have an adult help you bake the sculpey buns according to package directions and take the cookie sheet out of the oven, to cool. Once the sculpey has cooled, your doll has a delicious Swedish treat, perfect for the Christmas season.

"Saint Lucia invites you to breakfast."

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