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Here is where you can find out all about our videos and movies! (I couldn't make them without my wonderful stars, my dolls)! Here's where I'll give you all the 411- the information on our current and upcoming films, etc. If you have seen one or more of our videos, we'd love to hear your comments! Just email us.

Feature Length Films
Backyard Campout-2006

This is my first feature-length stop-frame movie. It is about 72 minutes but it also has no editing and so there isn't much music and there are a lot of continuity errors. Other than that, I am very proud of it as it took a lot of time and I did it all myself. I made it around the time I was starting to think of Star Valley, so there are a lot of differences between what's in the movie and the actual town. Backyard Campout is about five friends who decide to have a small campout in the backyard. They play games, go on a hike, tell ghost stories and more! My favorite scene to film was the first night (which unfortunately came out really dark) and the ghost stories.

Click the image below for pictures.

Trailer for Backyard Campout

My Youtube Videos
Star Valley Elementary's Christmas Concert, 2014: The fourth, fifth and sixth graders at Star Valley Elementary school perform songs at their Christmas concert.

Latest Stop-Frames
Star Valley Elementary's Christmas Concert, 2014-December 2014
Present Wrapping-December 2013
Unfinished Homework-May 2013

Latest Live-Action
The Witches' Chant-October 2014
The Larsons Decorate For Christmas-Dec. 2011
There are even more videos which you can find on my Youtube page :)

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