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Walnut Ornaments


Kit and Molly might have made walnut ornaments for their Christmas trees and you can make them, too! My grandpa made walnut ornaments as a child. He also made them with my mom and her brothers when they were kids, then my mom later made them with my brother and me, when we were kids.

*What You Need*
*Whole walnut shells, cracked in halves (try for a neat crack).
*Twine, yarn or ribbon
*scissors and ruler
*acryllic paints
*paint brush and cup of water (to clean the paint brush)
*wax paper/news paper to cover your work surface
*tacky/craft glue
*optional: glitter

Step 1: For each ornament, cut a length of twine (or yarn or ribbon), about 6 inches, and knot the ends together to make a big loop.


Step 2: Glue around the open edges of one of the walnut halves. Place the twine loop on the top edge of the glued half of the walnut (the knot should be below the top edge).

Step 3: Press the glued walnut half to the unglued half and hold for about thirty seconds. Let dry.

Step 4: Paint the walnuts in whatever color(s) you'd like (if needed, use two coats). Sprinkling some glitter on the wet paint can add some light sparkle.

Step 5: Optional: If you'd like to, you can put some glue on the ornaments (try polka dots or zigzag) then sprinkle or roll the ornaments in glitter. Let dry and shake off any excess glitter.

When your ornaments are finished, you can hang them on your Christmas tree or give them to friends or family as gifts. You can also make sea shell ornaments in a similar way (glue the loop onto the under side of the shell and paint the top side).

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