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If you would like an award for your website, you've come to right place! If you have a family-friendly website (meaning no foul language; no violence; etc.) than you can apply to win an award. Your site does not have to be about dolls; it can be about anything as long as it is family-friendly. I do have a few other requirements however they are not too big:

1) I don't mind if you have a few grammatical errors but please make sure your website is not chock full of them. Typos occur naturally but if every other word is misspelled, your site will not be very appealing. Along with this, please make sure you do not use chatspeak in your website (ex. I c u, lol!) or tYpInG LiKe ThIs-again it is not appealing and people might not want to visit your site again if it is like that.

2) If you use graphics from other sites, that is fine as long as you give the site credit (make sure you're allowed to take the images, etc.). Having your own images and graphics are even better and more creative. A mix is okay too.

3) Your website must have content other than just links. Also, your site must not say "Under Construction" unless you have at least three pages with content already on it, not counting the home page.

4)Please, only personal websites are allowed.

5)If you win one of my awards and would like to, you can link back to my site at http://www.cherishedplaytime.50webs.com. This is optional but much appreciated!

That wasn't so hard, was it? If your site meets the above criteria,just copy & paste the form below, fill it out in an email and email me! After I look at your site, if I feel it meets the criteria you will get the award without the "void" accross it.

The Form
Your first name:
You email:
Your Website's Name:
Your Website URL:
A brief description of your site:
Send It In

*Note: If you have already won an award from me, please do not reapply. Even though I change the look of the awards every so often, they are all worth the same and are all special.

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