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Hello everyone!  If you’ve stopped by here, you’ll see this new blog that I am starting.  I tried making a blog for this site a few years ago; however I never quite kept it updated and really didn’t know what to blog about.  I pretty much just posted a few recipes that I’ve made.  I may add them back to this site at some point but am still trying to figure out what I want to focus on with this blog.

I am perhaps thinking of trying to do a positivity/self care theme with this blog, perhaps with some bullet journal and/or regular journal ideas?  I’m not sure if the blog world is over-saturated with those types of blogs though.  That said, I’d be lending my own personal perspective which is what a blog author should do.  And as a reflective person who can be shy and introverted and has a lot of fears to push past, I can share my thoughts that way.  Plus, it might help me with working on being more positive and happy myself.  And I need that because, well, sometimes I still feel lost and like I’m not sure what I’m really good at or could make a career out of.  Sometimes I feel like I’m going slower than the tortoise  because I’m not where I’d thought I’d be at this moment in my life.  So I have to remember that it’s okay if I’m going at a slower pace than other people my age.  There are still going to be people my age who are in similar boats as I am.  There’s nothing wrong with going slower or faster than someone else because all of our lives are different.  And maybe it’s true that we are here, where we are at this point and time in our lives, for a reason even if we may not know what that reason is right now.

Anyway, so while this blog will probably be a side hobby (at least right now-not sure if I could ever make an actual career out of it), hopefully I can help inspire some people who might be feeling lost, need some more positive vibes, etc. as well as gaining even more perspective on my own path that this journey is taking me on.


With that, I will leave with you this little inspirational image I made this morning:

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