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When we’re in a low mood, it can be hard for us to believe in the good, positive things while our mind is focusing on the negative, bad ones. Our thoughts stick to negative beliefs that we won’t reach our goals/dreams, get what we want, etc.⁣

During depressed or anxious periods, it’s hard to see the light. It’s hard to believe that things may work out, especially when there are no guarantees in life. Our hope dwindles and our lights dim.⁣

In those low times (and in general) we need to try to hang on and believe that things will get better eventually. Even if all we can do is cry or take a nap or waste the rest of the day because that’s the self care we need to try to recharge and get to a more stable place emotionally. We need to try to believe that good things are going to happen for us and try to keep an eye out for even the smallest good things like a compliment from a friend or a delicious piece of chocolate or cuddles from a pet. Those small positive things can help us hang onto positive beliefs even a tiny bit.⁣

To quote the famous song by Journey: “Don’t stop believin’”.⁣

Also, other good things to believe in: Santa/the Spirit of Santa, unicorns, fairies, elves, mermaids, magic.⁣

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